Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guardian...(yeah we dropped some flow here)

So going into this meeting we knew that we would be spending some money, it was just a matter of how much. Leah's dream has always been a home with a central vacuum so once we realized that a central vac would be presented to us in this meeting we were fish in a barrel. It was going to happen. And, well it did. Let me backtrack just a second the Guardian rep was Brett and contrary to what many others had experienced with their respective reps there was absolutely zero pressure placed on us to buy anything so any money that we spent was entirely on our own merit. He did very well only concentrating on the things that were important to us. I will say this for those who feel they are getting the high pressure environment, remember that you are on a time frame and their job is to help you stay on that time. It either makes sense to you to purchase their products or it doesn't I don't see reason to make three and four trips back. Just have an idea of what your current cost situation is before the meeting and you will know whether or not you can make this work. Then again we aren't "sleep on it" people. If we see something we like and it makes financial sense we don't force ourselves to delay what we want. We also chose to do the Smart Connections. That is after Brett and Leah explained to me how it works. I mentioned that I may have to turn in my man card because hardwiring and a/v stuff just doesn't do it for me. The Smart Connections were a spontaneous decision but once again it made sense and fit the budget. The last thing we purchased was the Lyriq four room in home audio. With this package you get 4 pairs of speakers to place throughout the home as well as four volume controls with a master and local audio input. We are going to do a pair in the 2nd floor hallway, on the main floor between the kitchen and family room, another pair in the finished lower level, and lastly an outdoor speaker which will be nice with the eventual outdoor entertaining space. This will be very nice to have whether we are cleaning the house, entertaining, or to have Christmas music playing for the kids as they drift off to sleep on Christmas eve as well as throughout the holiday season. As much as I would like to give you prices I have found that they do vary from market to market. There are some prices that were consistent with what I found and others were much different. There should be some intrigue for those of you who haven't had your guardian meeting. Sunday we meet with Heidi and nail down final color selections and any final changes we need/want to make. I will then give the final rundown of options. After that we make final prep to put the current house on the market. Then all eyes are on Emily to help us sell.


  1. I am so jealous of the central vac! RH doesn't offer it in our area. I begged the Guardian guy but he said I would have to get it approved through RH. My SR submitted a non-standard request for it but it got turned down. Apparently customers were having too much trouble with the central vac system and they were calling Ryan Homes to complain instead of Guardian. Boo! I still want it!

    We also got the Lyriq audio system! I am so excited for this! I love to listen to music when I clean. I also dream of listening to Christmas music throughout the house during the holidays!

  2. Congrats, and we will be sure to follow your building process..

  3. It's important to prioritize needs over wants. You were lucky to have Brett, who knows how to do his job well. He's not just selling you items, but he is giving advice to help you make wise decisions. Anyway, how's everything now?