Monday, June 25, 2012


Tonight was our official meeting with Beth at NVR. If there is one thing that I learned this evening it was DO NOT DEPOSIT MONEY in your accounts, unless it's payroll. This point was hammered home more than anything else. It does make some sense.I had a suspicion that was confirmed that a lot of terrorism money had been filtered through the housing market so it is important to keep tabs on how people are acquiring their funds. It isn't that you can't deposit just be prepared to document the source if you decide to do so. I can certainly understand the frustrations that some people have with NVR. They have certain procedures and requirements in place that we didn't experience with our first home purchase. However this is their business model that they are comfortable with so it's a matter of simply respecting the process and working closely with them to ensure both sides stay happy and comfortable. The good news is that were we able to lock in a rate tonight we would receive the current best available interest rate. As everyone who is building with Ryan knows we have to wait until the house is under roof to lock in so in the mean time we float and hope. Nothing is on the docket for tomorrow but we have Rite-Rug Wednesday, Guardian Thursday, and final changes and exterior color selections with Heidi on Sunday.

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