Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rite Rug Flooring

Wednesday evening was our trip to Rite-Rug. I will admit going into this meeting I wasn't sure if the smooth sailing we had experienced to this point would continue. Between the two of us Leah is the much easier going when it comes to these types of decisions and I stress about them. Kim at Rite-Rug was great to work with we did not feel rush and were able to quickly make our decisions in about forty minutes. The one piece of advice I would share at this stage is if you are going to do the upgraded pad just go for the top grade. In the Venice it is $500 more to do the 10lb versus the 8lb and it comes with a lifetime warranty and waterproof seal that ensures nothing with every seep into the pad or subfloor and it makes it very easy to completely clean carpets and extend their life. Here are our selections.

These are the Rushmore Maple Butterscotch Cabinets. Since we are not fans of Granite we are doing the Labrador Granite Laminate Countertop with the American Home Elite "Farm Fence" Laminate floors. This flooring will run through the kitchen, morning room, powder room, and the foyer which we are extended down the hall to the family room.

Here is the floor with the handrail which is Black Cherry and the carpet. This is Level C California Berber the color is Capri.
Here is a better shot of the carpet next to the handrail. In order to keep continuity we are doing the same carpet throughout the house.

For the upstairs master bath we are doing the Andover White Cabinets with the base level vinyl Initiator 66204. We actually really like the base vinyl for this space it will work well with our idea for decor.

This combination is for the hall bath and laundry room floor. Again just the base vinyl initiator 66180 with the Andover white. Just a nice light white look that is easy to change looks as kids grow or tastes change.

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