Monday, June 18, 2012

We begin our tale....

this evening,actually yesterday. First off let me introduce you to the main characters in this Venice tale. Ken, which is me, my wife Leah, our realtor Emily, Heidi our Ryan Homes Rep and Beth with NVR mortgage. Along the way we will also meet our PM I believe his name is Paul and at some point Elijah Gerald Renner. Eli is our son who will debut on this blog sometime in October once he arrives. As I mentioned our tale actually begins yesterday. We placed a hold on the lot of our choice in the community "Parks of Whitewater" located in Harrison Ohio. The blog title "A little bit of Venice in the country" comes from the fact that we are moving to an area with corn fields all around and it is a bit rural. It is perfect because we can still be in downtown Cincinnati in 20 minutes and my wife can live in an area with the small town feel similar to what she grew up in in  Michigan. We got great news from Heidi today that we are receiving even more in incentives than we had initially planned and Beth informed Heidi that all our NVR qualification looked great. This evening we go to sign our contingency which will lock our pricing on construction and options to avoid increases in the new phase. Our existing home goes on the market the beginning of next month. Emily seems to think it may be a fairly easy sell. Once we go to closing on the existing , the ground will break on the dream home. So, that's a little introduction of where we are. I will update everyone as to how tonight goes and then release the list of options once we have that set in pencil. My goal is to make this as comprehensive as possible because these blogs have been extremely valuable in making informed decisions to this point. Talk to everyone soon.

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  1. Welcome to blogging! I can't believe it's ANOTHER Ohio blogger! It seems that half of the blogs I follow are fellow Ohioans! Make sure you add the "Join" option to your blog so that others can follow your progress!

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