Sunday, July 1, 2012

Final Decision Day

Well today marks the end of our 14 day change period. We met Heidi out at Parks of Whitewater for our exterior color selections. I of course thought it was going to be a stressful experience but fortunately much like everything else it was painless and relatively easy. We are doing the Venice elevation E which is brand new and to this point there aren't any color renderings or construction photos to pull ideas from. The elevation we are doing has a full brick front with shake on the gables and siding for the sides and back.
Again there are no good photos to post so here is the black and white 
Below are our choices for the exterior:

Brick: Farmington
Siding: Stone Mountain Clay
Shake: Canyon
Front Door: Fine Wine
Trim: White


  1. So exciting!!! We are also building a Venice and a newer model. So hard because we too couldn't find any good pictures.

  2. We are also looking for Venice elevation E. Can you please share the picture of your house.

    Thanks a lot