Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ahhh life in the rental

At least that's what I'm calling it. I am talking about our current home and no it's not a rental. We have lived here for two years and it's a great house and is our first house but we outgrew it very quickly. I am emotionally invested in the dirt pile in our new neighborhood so I jokingly refer to our house as the rental. Right now our bathrooms are torn up we have a contractor redoing them and they are doing a great job but we have to drive to my parents house to shower in the mornings. This was a project we decided on prior to deciding to build with Ryan so we just decided to continue with the job just on a scaled back basis to help resale. We also have various other projects going on to get the house ready for market and packing so it is work work work around here. I will get some pictures of the bathroom remodel up soon and hopefully soon we will be hearing from NVR. We were told the other day it is almost out of underwriting.


  1. I like this "do what ever it takes" attitude to get the home of your desires. I admire your family's sacrifice to have what you want! AWESOME!

  2. Our current house is a total mess too. We have so many projects going on. We will be renting it out too. The worst part is that our air conditioner broke a week ago and we still haven't heard from our insurance company! Imagine painting, remodeling, and packing with no air!